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midas cUp: The Golden Touch For Gut Health...and so much more…

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Reece Carter is an all round legend, and self confessed 'herb nerd'. He's here to give us the low down on gut health and midas cUp.

Reece Carter Midas Cup

"Love your gut and watch your wellness soar. That’s the latest trend in the health and fitness world, and for good reason. Research is piling up to show just how important digestive health is in our overall wellbeing, from mental health—the term ‘gut instinct’ didn’t come from nowhere—to stronger immunity. 

But for a system so important, we sure do give it a beating. We flood it with alcohol, saturate it with sugar, and numb it with stress. What we reap in return are inflamed tissues and unhappy gut bacteria, the effects of which spread far and wide to impact every system in the body. If you’re feeling tired, irritable, and bloated, it’s probably time to show your gut some TLC.

As she tends to do though, Mother Nature has our backs on this one, providing a whole host of powerful plant actives to tackle the problem. Here are a herbalist's daily must haves for a happy body: 

First, and most importantly, all hail the king of anti-inflammatories: turmeric. This golden rhizome is a rich source of curcumin, which has been shown to work on the same pathways as pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories, without the nasty side effects. The secret to amplifying turmeric’s tummy-loving powers beyond the gut wall, however, comes from Ayurveda: add a little black pepper, and feel the effects of curcumin throughout the body.

Our next herbal medicine hero is ginger, turmeric’s spicy cousin. Ancient wisdom has branded this little gem as a carminative and digestive remedy, meaning that it stimulates proper digestive function and relaxes tense tissues. Meanwhile, modern research has identified therapeutic oils and gingerol as the main sources of this plant’s ability to reduce nausea and decrease inflammation. Together, these two ingredients soothe the gut wall, allow for the lining to repair itself, and keep inflammation at bay.

Cinnamon, another carminative, is a delicious addition to the line up, and may even help keep cravings at bay by balancing blood sugar. If that’s not enough, cinnamon may help keep your blood pressure in check, and works as a natural antibacterial. Keeping your gut bacteria in healthy balance is key to overall wellness. Nutmeg has similar properties, and its volatile oils may act to reduce chronic inflammation too, making the effects of your turmeric and ginger even more potent.

I imagine you’re already running for the spice rack by now—or for a mug of Midas Cup—but there’s one last powerhouse ingredient to introduce you to. Check out cardamom, another nugget of goodness from the Ayurvedic medicine tradition. Also called ela, it’s one of the spices that is used universally to improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and balance energy pathways.

As with all holistic treatments, a blend of the above ingredients is so much better than the sum of its parts. It’s the combination of anti-inflammatories, carminatives, and digestives that amplify one another’s effects to leave you with a golden tonic of superhero status. So drink up and get ready to glow—from the inside out."


Reece is a Naturopath originating from Western Australia. Find details at his website, Instagram or youtube. xx

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