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Natural Hay Fever Remedies

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Hay fever sufferers tend to have a love/hate relationship with Spring, the beauty of the new season flowers and weather bringing months of stuffy noses, red & itchy eyes, and blocked throats. 

Hello Spring.

Having tried and tested all the anti-histamines at market, and coming to the stark realisation that they only seem to make things worse for next year, we went looking for some natural remedies.

Natural Anti-Histamines

There are some compounds readily available in food that work just as well as the conventional drugs when it comes to lowering the body's histamine response from pollen or dust. Some proven options are stinging nettle, quercetin, bromelain, and vitamin-C. Source.

Where can you find these?

Stinging Nettle - health food store.

Quercetin - grapefruit, apples, peppers, dark cherries & berries, leafy greens.

Bromelain - pineapple, papaya.

Vitamin-C - oranges, tomatoes, berries, papaya, kiwi fruit, leafy greens. 

Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Next on the list are natural anti-inflammatories, to replace the corticosteroids (steroids) used to treat symptoms of hay fever. I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to see turmeric is high on this list, along with ginger, beetroot, leafy greens, and fatty fish.

Top 15 Anti-Inflammtory Foods

Info-graph sourced from DrAxe.com 

Foods To Avoid

Just as there are foods that help the body to fight off histamine, there are histamine rich foods which can make things a whole lot worse for you. Fermented drinks - alcohol; fermented foods - sauerkraut, soy sauce, yoghurt; cured meats & some seafood. 

Dairy products are known to increase the production of mucus, start by swapping for almond, coconut or rice milk options.


If you're looking to do things naturally this season, before you reach for the Telfast, start by limiting histamine rich foods and increasing your intake of anti-histamine & anti-inflammatory foods.

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