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Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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Life’s a bit of a balancing act, you see, for all the pro-inflammatories (the ones we chatted about here), there are anti-inflammatories. 

It’s kind of like antioxidants…or antibiotics…another time.

Inflammation is basically damage (stress) to cells of the body. Typically we know this as a physical reaction we can see, a cut, a graze, broken limb, they get swollen and inflamed. The same thing happens to cells internally.

So we need to make sure we’re getting some anti-inflammatories in, to combat the pro-inflammatories we can’t (don't’ want to) avoid.

Top anti-inflammatory foods:

Turmeric (obviously)

That’s why we’re here…

The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which has been shown numerous times in countless studies, to be anti-inflammatory. It’s protective to cells, even to the point of cancer, diabetes, and ulcers. It’s pretty darn awesome. While we’re at it, black pepper increases the bio-availability of curcumin in turmeric, hence, its inclusion in our blend.


Found in fatty fish like salmon and krill oil, particularly important for brain health. It’s been shown that dietary supplementation with krill oil effectively reduced inflammation and oxidative stress.


Olive Oil

It’s the antioxidants in olive oil that are shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. Virgin olive oil is best, containing high amounts of phenolic compounds. This is one of the reasons the traditional Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest and seen as a preventative measure against heart disease.


Green Leafy Veggies

Which are good for basically everything…high in antioxidants, it’s said to be the vitamin E content of leafy greens that contribute to their anti-inflammatory properties. 


Other antioxidants including β-tocopherol, zinc, and selenium have also been shown to be anti-inflammatory.


Looking for an anti-inflammatory diet? Try this.

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