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Midas Cup Mates - Georgia Love

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The divine and quintessential superwoman, Georgia Love is one of our favourite babes. Most well known for finding true love on the Australian series of the Bachelor/Bachelorette with the equally good looking Lee. They're the only couple from any of the series we remember...so she's pretty special

She's an F45 junkie - like us (we're in a cult), pun enthusiast (who isn't?!), a total babe, and she drinks midas cup. So clearly we had to ask her a few things...

Midas Cup Mates - Georgia Love 

What do you do? TV reporter and presenter.

What's the last thing you googled on your phone? 'Find a man who can do both'...I wanted to use that as a caption on Insta but didn't know the exact wording of the meme!! Haha 

Googling memes. Easily one of the best pastimes - that, and googling lyrics.

Favourite song to sing on road trips? The entire Chicago soundtrack! I have it in the CD player in my car for that exact reason!

Favourite song at the moment? Calvin Harris, Feels.

What do you want to be when you grow up? It's not so much a 'what' as a 'who'; Lisa Wilkinson!

Love Lisa! For those playing at home who aren't from Aus, google.

What's your favourite way to use Midas Cup? Mixed in my milk frother with coconut milk as an after-breakfast drink or an afternoon belly warmer.


A midas cup after brekky or noon to warm the belly and promote digestion. Ideal.

Love Georgia too? Follow her here.



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