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Midas Cup Mates - Sarah Wall


We're lovers of health and fitness, so we asked Sarah Wall, creator of NETFIT Netball a few questions.

Midas Cup Mates - Sarah Wall

What do you do? Elite netballer - Creator of NETFIT Netball.

What's the last thing you googled on your phone? How to renew a passport in 1 week! eek!

Oh no! Worst nightmare, hoping you figured that one out in time!!

Favourite song to sing on road trips? Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. Spin Doctors

Favourite song at the moment? Peking Duck - Fake Magic

What do you want to be when you grow up? A mum

What's your favourite way to use Midas Cup? At night after training as a natural anti inflame for my joints.

Us too!


NETFITNetball is an online netball program with weekly fitness videos, fitness plans, coaching drills and session plans to keep you ahead of the game.


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